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Join our movement as we advocate, engage with community and educate each other and community on issues that impact girls and women. We are professionals, volunteers, activists, organizers, allies, WORKING TOGETHER to change the things we care about.  JOIN today by clicking image below.

Activist Member$31

An activist member actively seeks an opportunity to impact and support their community through activism, community engagement and awareness. Activist members are eligible for discounted (sometimes free!) access to YWTF events and trainings; and copies of YWTF San Antonio Newsletter, AAUW National member benefits and an opportunity to become Salary Negotiation Facilitators.

Student Member$21
A student member is currently enrolled in college who is interested in activism, volunteerism, impacting change and bettering their communities.  Student members receive free access to most YWTF events, AAUW National Membership, business networking opportunities, volunteer and non-profit experience.

Neighborhood Organizer$250
A neighborhood organizer has a strong desire to support YWTF and our mission.  Receives recognition on YWTF materials and honorary membership at the Activist level for one year.

Movement Funder$500
A movement funder is an individual or organization who desires to invest in the growth of YWTF San Antonio, equipping us to create and support programs and initiatives focused on the demands that impact girls and women.  This member receives recognition in YWTF materials and events as well as an honorary membership at the Activist level for one year.

SupporterAny donation welcome.